Public Adjusters – A True “Deer” Story

Richard was in his family room recovering from a knee replacement operation watching the news, dozing off and half asleep when he heard glass breaking and furniture falling in his living room. A deer had come crashing through his back screen door, gone into his living room and had caused considerable damage to antiques, furniture, and other household items.

The deer had cut itself coming through the screen door, but blood was only the beginning of Richard’s problems. The deer panicked while desperately seeking a way out and began crashing into things. It knocked over an antique grandfather’s clock, it broke a cut glass end table, it damaged an antique wood inlaid end table, and it broke two antique Chinese porcelain lamps.

It got blood on a white sofa, blood on an oriental rug, blood on the floor, blood on the walls, blood everywhere.

Richard’s home had hardwood floors. You can imagine the hoof scratches and gouges that resulted as the frightened deer tried to secure its footing in its attempt to escape.

Richard managed to get the deer pinned to floor and was holding him in place when his wife walked through the front door, saw him on the floor holding the deer and questioned what in world was he doing lying on the floor with a deer in the middle of their living room. They finally got the deer out of the house.

After the deer had departed, Richard inspected the damage. Blood was everywhere. On the floor, walls, rugs, upholstered furniture, and pretty much everywhere you looked. Seemingly everything the deer touched was broken or damaged, including the antiques, collectibles, and most other household items located in that room. Richard asked his wife to get her digital camera and start taking pictures of everything, starting from the back door.

The first thing Richard did was call his Insurance Agent, who arranged for the company’s Claims Adjuster to visit his home and assess the damage. The adjuster scheduled a visit two days later, made some measurements, scribbled some notes, and informed Richard that the Insurance Company would be back in touch soon. Richard gave him copies of the pictures, showing all the items and the room in the condition right after the deer was removed from the house. The adjuster and Richard both felt the total cost to repair the antiques and clean everything would be about $5,000.00. The adjuster was very happy with this total figure. Richard didn’t know any better at the time. contact a public adjuster in dallas

The next day a gentleman from an Antiques restoration firm arrived and inspected the broken and damaged antiques, and told Richard that yes, all the furniture and antiques could be repaired. But he would have to take them back to his shop so that his craftsman could estimate the costs to repair the furniture, clock, porcelain, and other damaged items prior to his submitting his estimate. Richard agreed.

Dan from Antiques Restoration continued the conversation, asking Richard if “His Adjuster” had been out to inspect the damages. Richard said yes, the “Insurance Adjuster” had been out the day before and he was waiting for the estimate to repair the furniture. Dan, said, “No, not the Insurance Company’s Adjuster, YOUR Adjuster“. Having never submitted an Insurance claim, Richard had never heard of a “Public Adjuster“. Dan, who himself had just started working as a Public Adjuster then proceeded to explain that Public Adjusters worked for the homeowner, not the insurance company.

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